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Side Alpha Leadership

The Side Alpha Leadership Podcast explores leadership in all fields of work. Guests talk about leading people and making a positive mark in their hearts and minds, while creating a cohesive team to accomplish the desired goals of an organization 

Jun 6, 2024

Tactical Considerations for Garden Apartment Fires


One of the more complex fires we are faced with is fires in garden apartments. This month I welcome back Capt. Bobby Eckert of the Camden New Jersey Fire Department. Bobby and I dig deep into the subject.


Garden Apartments are in all areas of the country. Firefighters must be proactive and preplan these structures before the alarm is ever answered. Take advantage of running non fire calls in these buildings and get the layout of the complex and the individual apartment units. This preplan will pay dividends when you pull up to a job at 3am.


Bobby and I discuss:

  • ·      Pulling long lines
  • ·      Laddering the building
  • ·      Apparatus placement
  • ·      Command considerations
  • ·      Building construction
  • ·      Fire spread


Small fire can grow and spread quickly if engine and truck companies are not aggressive with their tactics.