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Side Alpha Leadership

This podcast will explore all aspects leadership in the fire service. I want to find out what makes a good leader. What attributes do good leaders possess. In my quest I will interview leaders in different occupations.

Oct 3, 2022

I took the show in a different direction this month. As emergency service workers and military, we are exposed to terrible things. There are times we need help to cope and process. We are fortunate to have Behavioral Health Specialists imbedded in the fire service, police force and military to help.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Frederick County's Behavioral Health Coordinator Natalie Bowers. Natalie discussed her work and what she offers to the men and women of Frederick County Fire and Rescue. We don't have to suffer alone there is a path to good mental health for us and our families. 

This is such great information in this podcast. Please take the time to listen. There are links on my Facebook as Instagram to seek addition help and information.