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Side Alpha Leadership

This podcast will explore all aspects leadership in the fire service. I want to find out what makes a good leader. What attributes do good leaders possess. In my quest I will interview leaders in different occupations.

Sep 10, 2022

Sam and I talked about what to do when the boss has his hands in your job and how you can resolve the issue. Good respectful communication is key. Most likely the boss does not realize he is micromanaging you. 

As an officer you need to make decisions. it is ok to make mistakes. Own your mistakes and share what you...

Aug 7, 2022

I welcome Dave McGlynn to my show. Dave is the Training Assistant Chief at Letterkenny Army Depot. Dave shares his experience as a chief on how to overcome shortcomings, lack of experience and administrative  knowledge through training, putting your ego in check and asking for help.

Having pride in your company is...

Jul 16, 2022

RJ and Sam join me in the studio to discuss combination fire and rescue system and the challenges that arise in these systems.

COVID has eased up and we are being called to teach more. We talk about upcoming classes we are teaching and how training helps bring career and volunteers together to focus on the fire...

Jun 5, 2022

Frank Ricci and I discuss firehouse communications. There are many ways, as leaders we communicate with our officers and firefighters. It is an art and as a boss you have to learn how to master it. The kitchen table is a great place to have discussions and learn to listen to your people. Mastering 1 on 1...

May 2, 2022

Part 3 of my interview with Dave Braun. Dave has a great story that you have to hear. Make sure you listen to part 1 and 2. 

To all the leaders out there, make sure you are there for your people. Make sure you recognize when they are in need of help.